With Music song search you can find music watch videos sing songs.

Love to hear music but hate the conventional way of searching and listening to songs? Now hate not more, introducing a new music player application that allows you to search songs and will automatically make a playlist of songs that is similar to what you’ve search on the first place. You will never have to search for another song as the music player application will have a list of songs that will be automatically played right after the other. Overall, this new application is one of a kind which is more specific than YouTube and other music player site for it gives the user more freedom on searching for what type of music he wants to hear.

The features of the application

The name of the application is music song search. As the name suggest, the application allows you to search for songs on the search bar. The search bar also features three different buttons, the first one is “only” it means that, the song that has been search is the only one that will be reflected on the search results. The music player will only search for that specific song and nothing else. The other button is “similar”. This button will search for songs that are related to the one that the user searched for. The search results will also reflect songs that have the same genre like what the searched song has. The third button is refresh button. The refresh button clears all the previously searched song on the playlist in order for a new search to be started.

Another great feature about this music player is its search results display. This music songs player display is reflected on the left side of the screen and looks like a playlist. The song that you’ve searched and its similar in genre will all be reflected here and you can choose what to play first. Furthermore, once you’ve start playing a song, the music player will continue to play song after song until the playlist is all played. On the right side, you will also see pictures of the artist who sang the song and other related artist which sang the songs reflected on your playlist. Here, you can also click on the images in order to view the songs of that artist.

The music songs player is a one of a kind music play and search application. It allows more freedom and less difficulty in selecting music to be played as it automatically searches for similar musical genre. You are assured that what will be played next is a song from the genre that you like and nothing else unless you want to change it. On the other hand, the convenience of not having to search for another song after a song is done playing is the greatest advantage that music song search has over other applications.

Although, music song search is just a new application and some may find negative things about it, it couldn’t be denied that it has somehow revolutionized the way we searched for songs that we like. It give so much flexibility in our searched that we only need to search once.


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